Distance Advance Diploma in Fire and Safety Engineering

Industrial sector is important for the economic growth of a nation and Industrial Safety is mandatory for all industries to grow. There is a huge demand for qualified Safety Engineers/Officers, but qualified Safety Engineers/Officers are in acute shortage in the country. To meet the requirement, Imperial Institute Of Fire And Safety Have Designed and Modulated an excellent curriculum package for the candidates .

Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety Management is particularly designed for working professionals for those like to change their carrier to safety sector. the experts of imperial institute of fire and safety have modulated the curriculum simple and easy to follow for these categories without affecting their profession.There is no need to attend any regular classes.The Program consist a unique practical oriented “Self-Study Technology” to deliver best knowledge and skills equal to regular courses. The program follows a new, easy self-learning method consisting different stages. The learning stages are: you have to prepare the assignments, projects reports etc according to the instructions of the institute at your home or work place. there is no need to visit any place or industry to prepare the reports.

Course Content

* Advanced study of fire safety engineering

* Evaluation of the optimum protective and preventive measures essential to limit the consequences of possible fire events

*design, installation, maintenance and/or development of fire detection, fire control, fire suppression and fire related communication systems as well as equipments

* Investigation and analysis, evaluation and feedback at post-fire stage.

* The study of fire dynamics and fire modeling

*Using of appropriate equipment and manpower in the strategy and function of fire fighting and rescue operations

* Enable students to identify and analyze broadly defined problem and evaluate strategies

Duration of the course:-

3 months, but can complete as per candidates requirement for certificates

Mode of Study:- Distance Who can study this course?

Professionals of different institutions , safety workers to become safety officers and above, HSC students to attain immediate job etc.

Method of study and Examination :-

For the distance students , we are using advanced software system easy to follow for all candidates by using desktop, laptop, android mobile for both examination and training , also can do the training manually by writing book and pen.


At the successful completion of this this regular safety diploma program,students will be awarded the certificate of

(1) Advance Diploma in fire and safety engineering by Native skill development and training council Delhi , an ISO 9001-2008 certified autonomous body recognized by government of India ,

(2) Mark list ,

(3)course completion certificate from imperial institute of fire and safety

(4) attested copy of project report

Mode of Course Offered in all categories

* Regular Batch advance- Diploma crash model

* Online Advance diploma and certification course

* Distance advance diploma and certifications

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